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Cinderella Syndrome

Title: Cinderella Syndrome
Author: shannon_writes
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Rosalie/Edward, Rosalie/Jasper, Rosalie/Bella
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer's, not mine, blah de blah de blah, you know the drill... but oh, if they were mine...!
Author's Notes: A drabble that spiralled out of control! Enjoy!

, edTitle: Empathy Is Just Another Way Of Saying You'd Kill Not To Feel This 
Author: shannon_writes
Genre: Angst/Romance... maybe
Fandom: Twilight
Disclaimer: All these pretty little people and their ugly little lives belong to the great Stephenie Meyer. Oh how I wish I owned them, but I promise you I don't. Awww =(
Summary: She knows more than anyone the way he's lied
A/N: I know it sort of switches half-way through fro more introspective stuff to more plot-driven stuff, and I'm not sure if I like it, but anyway, the Edward/Rosalie must be written, even when there's so little love in it that it oughtn't be Edward/Rosalie at all...

Edward Drabbles

Title: Doucement Un Echo
Author: shannon_writes 
Pairing: Edward/Rosalie, Edward/Kate, Edward/Bella, another one came out Edward/Rosalie (blame the plot bunnies!) and Edward/Alice
Rating: U
Summary: A few, unconnected drabbles that all turned out Edward/someone centric (but only if you squint)


Title: Lily
Author: shannon_writes
Pairing: another one came out Edward/Rosalie (blame the plot bunnies!)
Rating: U
Summary: He wonders if lilies are perennial. Wonders if it's over before it began. 

Title: memories and sidelong glances, so cliche it hurts
Author: me!
Pairings: edward/rosalie, emmett/rosalie, edward/bella
Rating: pg-13, to be on the safe side
Summary: years later, they battle for their twisted hate, just like they used to battle for their mockery of love


LJ is acting up so here's the ff.net link
and yes, i don't know whay but i've started writing with no capitals today, i'll probably be normal by tomorrow though!

Fresh Start

Right-o, from now on I am going to start writing properly, obviously lots of fanfic, but I am actually going to do some writing instead of procrastinating. So you'll see me a lot more active in fandom from now on! 
All previous posts will be flocked, simply because they were mainly ramblings of my delirious mind. There will will be fic, fanmixes, ficmixes and (hopefully!) graphics, pertaining to all my fandoms posted here, and I'm going to attempt to keep this as my serious writing journal.  

Shannon x

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